Our Story

In 1867 First Baptist Church gathered for the first time. A small group of people met at a member's home, and now over 150 years later, we are still meeting together to worship God, live in community, be discipled, connect the unconnected, and raise up the next generation. 

As we continue to seek to advance God's Kingdom in Toms River we recognize that there is a need for change in both our church body and in the community. There is a desperate need for the resurrected life given to us through Christ to flow in and through us, this is reflected in our name change: New Life Church. 

New Life Church is deeply rooted in Evangelicalism, belonging to the Conservative Baptist Association. We hold Scripture as our authority, the Father as Creator, the Son as Savior and the Holy Spirit as Indwelling Guide. 

Our Mission and vision

Our mission is to connect the unconnected to Jesus and His Church.

     Our mission gives way to our vision. We want to be connected to Jesus--not just so that we can be "saved," but so that we might be transformed through a lifelong process into Christ-likeness. This transformation will be seen in the way that we love people both in and out of our church family.

Our vision is to be transformed followers of Jesus who love each other and our community. 

    Born out of our mission, the vision is the way that we accomplish our mission. Our simple process is that we want to draw the community to relationship with Jesus and His Church. We want our regular attenders to get involved in a Life Group; walk through our Discovery Classes 1-3; get involved in serving by using their Spiritual Gifts, heart, abilities, personality and experiences; and we want to see our church family carrying out God's Mission of sharing the Gospel in our community and around the world.

Ministry priorities

Looking to the future of our community in and around Toms River, we have committed to five ministry priorities:

  1. to WORSHIP God both corporately and personally
  2. to live in COMMUNITY, learning to love each other and the unchurched around us
  3. to be engaged in DISCIPLESHIP, for both the young and mature in Christ in a process that is repeatable and transferable
  4. to EVANGELIZE the lost, being relational and intentional as we share the gospel
  5. to pass on our faith to the NEXT GENERATION, committing to seeing worship, community, discipleship and evangelism taking place among our children and students

core values


We are willing to flex. We are open to what is new and to replacing that which is waning. We need to be students of God's Word and current culture so that we can adapt, in order to present the gospel in a way that is always relevant but never compromising.


We are helping people to become free, learning to release and put off things that hold them in bondage. This reflects a social consciousness that pursues justice, purity and the healing work that the gospel should bring into people's lives. 


We invite and welcome people into our lives, our church, our systems, our structures and our homes.


We need to be teachable, curious and interested as we interact with God's Word, our faith, our life, other people and culture.


We meet people where they are, not where we want them to be. We help people to love God deeply and teach them how to serve Him fully in light of that their unique gifts and passions.