Get connected

At New Life Church we recognize that we need other people. Our vision is to become transformed followers of Jesus Christ who love one another and our community. Other people are required for every step of that vision. We encourage our attenders to continue in their faith journey with us by taking the next step beyond Sunday Morning to connect with our community. Life Groups are essential in that journey. In addition we have several other groups and studies that meet regularly. Each is unique and fits different people. 


Our goal is not that you would join everything possible, but that you would deeply invest in one of these options:

  • People who enjoy a comfortable discussion atmosphere will enjoy Life Groups. Our Life Groups are designed for you to get to know people in your group. Our discussions are based around each week's sermon and are a chance to go deeper in our relationships and our spirituality.

  • Heritage Hour is a time set aside to reflect on our deep past and rich heritage. Designed for those who would relive the past but still powerful for those experiencing it for the first time we gather to sign Hymns and hear the Word of God preached. 

  • Bible studies are designed to fit specific needs. Some of the groups meet long term and some for just a few weeks to discuss certain topics. They are more interest based and provide a great space to connect, support and learn. 

  • Exploring Christianity is a program for those who are seeking. it is designed to give those with questions a space to ask questions and to invite all to follow Christ more closely.