Women's Ministry

New Life Church's Women's Ministry exists to help women, post-high school and older, connect with each other, with Jesus, and with His Church. We desire to foster an environment where women can come to be discipled and be a part of helping to disciple others, and where women can bring friends and family to a non-traditional church setting to be introduced to and connect with Jesus and His Church.



At our "Get Real B&B", we highly valuesand desire building godly and growing relationships amongst women in all walks of their lives. We will be spending time monthly studying God's love letter to us to help us grow closer to Him. This time together, these relationships we build, and the resuslting conversations and discussions will drive us back to the Word of God where our loving and gracious Heavenly Father gives us true life-changing strategies.


"Creating Space" is both a space we've prepared for you to create in and an encouragement for you to create some space (breathing room) for your soul. This is a place to step away from the hurry, hurry and simply enjoy being present in the moment as we, together, enjoy making art. We will learn art techniques (mixed media), explore, and play with art supplies. Our desire is to try new things together, connect with one another in a relaxed and organic way, and realize afresh that God is here in our midst - inspiring us, enjoying our laughter, and guiding us in ways we may not always recognize.

"For iin Him we live and move and have our being . . . "
- Acts 17:28a, CSB)


"Heart-to-Heart" is an opportunity for us to connect, inspire, and be there for the girls in our youth group and church who will soon be women. God's Word tells us that the young women are to lern from the older women. That necessitates that the older women are available and excited to teach the younger women so that the younger women can go to them with questions, for help, for prayer, understanding, wisdom and love. We will help facilitate this ina  number fo ways, two of which will include becoming a "Secret Sister" to one of our girls and Mother/Daughter events. Your Christian example means more than you could ever imagine! You never know who is watching!!


Denese Ballinger  [Creating Space Coordinator]

Geri Borzone  [Get Real! B&B Coordinator

Alexis Dean  [Heart-to-Heart Coordinator]

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