10:30AM  |  INSIDE

    • Bring a mask - masks will be required for entry.
    • Bring your own Bible or have it on your device, as we will be temporarily be removing the Bibles and hymnals from the pews.
    • Please practice safe social distancing.
    • Doors will open at 10:15AM. Please arrive a little early so we can have everyone seated before the service begins.
    • Everyone (unless you need the handicap ramp) will enter through the main doors off the parking lot under the red canopy.
    • As you enter, you will be checked for a mask, given a bulletin & message notes, and asked to use hand sanitizer.
    • To honor social distancing requirements, please proceed to the auditorium via the hallways and not by going directly into the auditorium through the door near the organ.
    • The auditorium will be marked off into appropriately spaced sections. Please wait to be seated so that our ushers can help you in finding a seat and so that we can maximize the seating we have so that all who attend can find a place to sit and participate in the service.
    • Following the service, all doors are available for exit and we would ask that you please refrain from visiting and socializing until after you leave the building. After you leave the building, please do not re-enter. We will ask that we all leave the facility in an efficient manner. Please do not loiter in the lobby or hallways. If you want to spend time talking with someone, please do so outside and remember to keep social distancing.
    • The service will still be posted online early in the week on YouTube and Facebook.
    • If you are sick in any way, join us online instead. If you are in a high-risk category, please feel free to stay home and watch online early in the week. You will be missed, but not looked down upon, for taking your health and safety into account and waiting to join us again live.

  • Need Assistance With Something?

    If you're quarantined or just can't/don't want to go out, let us know if we can assist. We've got people available to do food shopping and help with other needs as they arise. Contact the church office @ 732.349.0745.