the Next Generation:

Passing on our faith

At New Life Church we hold the next generation of utmost importance. Children and Youth are at a highly formative period in their lives. The goal of ministry to the next generation is to exalt Christ by forging children's and youth's characters into Christ-likeness by connecting them with a faith community, inviting them into the story of redemption and helping them find their place in God's movement. 

Kids Connection (PreK-5th grade) :: Sundays during the Sunday Morning Service 10:30-11:45am

Youth Group (6th grade-12th grade) :: Sundays 6:00-8:00pm

cHILDREN AT new life

Our children's church program is especially focused on biblical teaching. We believe that during a child's years they are particularly formed by story and relationships. 

Children's Priorities

Bible: know key Bible events and characters and where they fit into the history of redemption and how they point to Jesus' saving work.

Faith: we long for our children to come to a saving faith understanding basic doctrine and what the church is meant to be.

Family: connect with and provide resources for parents to disciples their children

Students AT new life

The goal of student ministry is to exalt Christ through the formation of our students into Christ-likeness by connecting them to the faith community, inviting them into the story of redemption and helping them to find their part in God's movement. 

All of our youth programming is broken up into three categories:

Connecting to a faith community

We have a monthly events of two kinds; some of our events are designed for students to bring their friends to our youth group and other events are designed to connect students with the adults at our church. The monthly events typically take place on Sunday Nights concurrent with Youth Group hours, but there are a few special events that take place on weekends. 

Inviting them into the story

Our normal youth group meetings are focused around inviting students into the story of redemption. Youth group involves games and connection, but is centered around our time of prayer and Bible teaching. Our Bible teaching is not a lecture, but a time of discovery together in which we study God's Word together. 

Finding their part in God's movement

A few times a year our students have the opportunity to serve and be a part of God's Mission. Our long term goal is for them to discover how to serve God with the gifts he has given them. Our missions experiences are designed to give them a place to practice. We have yearly missions trips which stretch our students in new cultures and experiences. 

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yOUNG aDULTS AT new life

Our young adults small group provides space for young men and women in their transitional years to be themselves, to ask questions and to be part of a community. Our gatherings are more of a time to relax together and discuss the issues of life, more than a traditional Bible study.

Currently not meeting. Stay tuned.